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Fanteam Online Bookmaker Expert Review offers detailed information on the betting markets, DFS tournaments, bonuses & payment methods.

You can access both the DFS and sportsbook sections with only one account. You can deposit and withdraw funds using the most popular online betting payment methods. There are many DFS tournaments with huge prize pots. There is a live betting section as well.
The platform is available only in English. It is not possible to make deposits using cryptocurrencies. If you prefer betting in bitcoin, you can check our list of the best online bookmakers that accept bitcoin. There are less betting events and markets than the industry standard. There is no welcome bonus.

Fanteam Online Bookmaker and DFS Site Expert Review

In this Fanteam Online Bookmaker and DFS Site Expert Review, we’ll analyze the both online betting and daily fantasy sports features of Fanteam. We’ll also take a detailed look at the deposit and withdrawal method, the latest online betting bonuses including the welcome bonus offered at the popular online bookmaker, the customer support options, betting markets and the special features available at Fanteam

Fanteam is among the few online bookmakers that offer full-fledged online betting, live betting and daily fantasy sports sections within the same platform. It is definitely one of the best online bookmakers that have managed to build a bridge between traditional and modern ways of betting. Their history goes back to 2013 when they founded their first DFS platform as Woofbet, which stands for World of Online Fantasy Bet. They rebranded as Fanteam in 2015 with the aim of creating an amalgam of different sports betting activities within a single platform as we mentioned. 

Both the sportsbook and the daily fantasy sports sections offer vast gaming and betting portfolios. Although their live betting section is not as developed as the industry leaders’ like 1xBet, their fanbase is getting larger day by day thanks to their well-designed platform which allows users to play DFS and wagers sports bets on the same platform with the same account. 

There are 3 major game types you can find at Fanteam:

  • Sports betting including in-play sports betting
  • Daily fantasy sports tournaments and long-term fantasy sports tournaments
  • Player matchups where you pick up sides while players go head to head with each other

Let’s have a look at the game types offered at Fanteam and the other significant features of this popular online betting platform!

Games Offered at Fanteam

There are 3 different types of game offered at Fanteam. You can participate in fantasy tournaments, play matchup games and bet on sporting events. The fantasy tournaments have 2 sub-categories: daily fantasy sports and season-long fantasy games. Let’s take a more detailed look at them! 

Fanteam Online Bookmaker Expert Review

Fanteam games lobby

Fantasy Sports Tournaments

Fantasy Sports is a type of game where you can become the manager of your own team, create a squad of real athletes with a limited budget and join tournaments. You get points based on your players’ actual performance during the current game week. In order to join tournaments, you need to pay the entrance fee and compete against the other players in order to beat them to the top of the leaderboard. A small part of the entrance fee is cut as the administration fee and the rest is added to the prize pool. The winners bag massive cash prizes. There are multiple prizes and competitions within the tournaments. The biggest Fanteam tournaments have more than 5000 cash prizes up for grabs. There are 2 types of fantasy sport tournaments at Fanteam: Season-long fantasy sports tournaments and daily fantasy sports tournaments.

Fanteam Season-long Fantasy Sports Tournaments

In the season-long fantasy sports tournaments, players need to build their team for a whole sporting season, such as the 38-week-long English Premier League season. You need to build your team at the beginning of the season with a limited budget. However, you can make a certain number of transfers during the season. You can buy and sell players as you wish, as long as you stay within the transfer budget. You are given a certain number of transfers in each game-week (usually 1). If you make more transfers, then you’ll lose points. 

Now every season-long tournament is as long as the English Premier League fantasy league of Fanteam. There are shorter tournaments such as the 6-week-long Champions League Group Stage Tournament. You need to form a squad which you think would generate the maximum number of points during the course of the tournament. The aim is being on the top of the leaderboard at the end of the tournament. 

If you are looking for a more fast-paced game, then you should take a look at the current daily fantasy sports tournaments at Fanteam. Check out the differences between the daily fantasy sports and the season-long fantasy sports tournaments

Fanteam Daily Fantasy Sports Tournaments

Fanteam offer not only long-term fantasy sports tournaments, but also daily fantasy sport tournaments as well. As the name suggests, the tournaments last only for a day or a weekend. You can participate in tournaments in different sports such as football, MMA, tennis, basketball, e-sports and so on. There are multiple tournaments daily. The daily fantasy sports tournament prices are not as high as the ones offered in the season-long tournaments. However, you get more chances to try your skills whenever you want every day of the week. But, if you are a fan of a particular tournament, you need to wait for the day that even takes place. For example, most national football matches in Europe are played from Friday to Monday. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are reserved for international competitions like the UEFA Champions League, the Europa League and the Conference League. 

The daily fantasy sports logic is very similar to the logic which applies to the season-long fantasy sports tournaments. However, while forming your team, you need to think ahead and focus on the upcoming event only. You need to form a team which can generate the most points at the end of the upcoming match week. The player who generates the most points at the end of the match week, takes the prize pot home. There are usually additional prizes for the players who finish lower. The higher you climb on the leaderboard the bigger your prize money gets. 

Fanteam Matchup Game

In the matchup game, you don’t need to form a whole team. You only need to choose the players in a pre-selected matchup from the list. Choose a minimum of 3 players from the list that go against their rivals in the upcoming match week and enter the competition. Get paid if your picks generate more points than their opponents in that match week. 

Fanteam Online Bookmaker Expert Review

Fanteam player matchups

Matchup games are not played against the other fantasy sports players. You played it on your own trying to guess the players who will perform better than the others. You can choose players from different sporting fields such as football, American football, basketball, baseball, and tennis.

Fanteam Sportsbook

Fanteam is not only a fantasy sports site but also a modern online sportsbook where players can wager both pre-match and in-play bets. As we mentioned previously, you don’t need to create separate accounts to enjoy these games. With a single Fanteam account, you can both participate in the fantasy sports tournaments and wager bets on sporting events. 

What makes Fanteam Sportsbook different from its competitors is that players can bet on the fantasy sports points of athletes. If you have a guess on Jack Grealish and Cristiano Ronaldo’s fantasy sports points in the upcoming game week, then go ahead and wager bets on them at Fanteam. This is a special betting market which is hardly found in any other online bookmaker. 

Fanteam Sportsbook Betting Markets and Odds

 Fanteam Sportsbook offers betting markets in major sporting events from all over the world. You can wager bets on football, American football, baseball, cricket, basketball, tennis and some other sports. Although you can bet on the most popular sporting events, the number of betting events is way lower than the industry leaders’. That is something they should definitely work on. 

The number of betting markets at Fanteam is quite satisfactory. If you are a football fan, you’ll find quite a lot of betting markets for the major football events such as the outright winner, total over/under goals, goal scorers, goal minutes and the fantasy duels where you can bet on the scores of the players and total over/under runs (in baseball). 

Fanteam Online Bookmaker Expert Review

Sportsbook lobby

While we score the betting markets offered at Fanteam highly, we cannot say the same about the profitability of the odds compared to their rivals. Let’s compare their odds to the other popular online bookmakers and see how they compete against them! Our first sample is the Spanish La Liga game Real Madrid vs. Celta de Vigo on 12 September, 2021. Real Madrid’s pre-match odds to beat their rivals in this game are 1.36 at Fanteam. 1xBet’s odds for the same betting market are 1.44 and BetWinner’s are 1.41. The odds for a draw in this game are 4.94 at Fanteam, 5.1 at 1xBet and 4.98 at BetWinner. The odds for a Celta win are 7.61 at Fanteam, 7.8 at 1xBet and 7.6 at BetWinner. 

Let’s choose another random sample to compare the odds offered at Fanteam to their competitors. Fanteam odds for a Anthony Smith win in the UFC fight against Ryan Spann on 19 September, 2021 are 1.55. The odds for a Smith victory are 1.63 both at 1xBet and BetWinner. The odds for a possible Spann win are 2.40 at Fanteam and 2.355 both at 1xBet and BetWinner.

The samples indicate that Fanteam is competitive in certain markets while losing the competition in others. Once you decide to wager bets on a sporting event, you can compare the odds offered at the best online bookmakers and decide for yourself. 

Fanteam In-Play Betting Feature

Fanteam has a seamless in-play betting feature. Simply navigate to the sportsbook tab, click on the filter and choose live. There you can see the live sporting events on which you can wager bets. Choose the events that you’d like to wager bets on. You’ll see all the available in-play betting markets for that particular sporting event. Once you choose your bet, the dynamic betslip will pop up. After choosing your stake, you can either place your bet or continue adding more bets in your betslip. 

Wagering in-play bets at Fanteam is quite hassle-free. However, most of the major live sporting events weren’t available for betting when we analyzed the website. It is a big drawback in our opinion; therefore, we cut quite a few points from their overall rating.  

Current Fanteam Fantasy Sports Tournaments

The daily fantasy sports tournaments of Fanteam change daily according to the games of the day or the week. You can enter the weekly NFL, Champions League, Russian Premier League, Allsvenskan, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue A, English Premier League, the International 10, and European Basketball tournaments currently. They have daily fantasy cricket and baseball tournaments as well, when there are major tournaments. Some of the tournaments are daily and some are season-long. You can see the duration information while browsing through the tournament lists. 

There are 3 types of sub-tournament categories:

  • Official tournaments: They are the official daily and season-long fantasy sports tournaments created by Fanteam. They are subject to standard DFS rules of this online daily fantasy sports site. 
  • Draf’n’go tournaments: These include head to head and enty cap tournaments. 
  • User created tournaments: You can create your own tournaments to play against your friends and the other players. You can also join the tournaments created by other players. User created tournaments of Fanteam allow players to be involved more in the fantasy sports world customizing their own fantasy league. 

Fanteam Mobile App Review

Fanteam mobile app is available only on iOS for the time being. You can get it on the App Store. It is only 30 mb and completely free of charge. Fanteam mobile app offers seamless mobile fantasy sports experience on the go. However, it consumes some data; so, you should have enough mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to have uninterrupted gaming experience. 

If you don’t have an iOS device, fret not! You can play daily fantasy sports and bet on sports at Fanteam on your mobile browser. The mobile version of the website works perfectly without any lag. In order to use the Fanteam mobile application on Android, HarmonyOS or Windows Phone, go to Fanteam website and click on the signup button. Once you fill the signup form and verify your account, you can use the Fanteam platform on your mobile device easily. 

How to Claim Fanteam Welcome Bonus and Promotions?

Fanteam Welcome Bonus gives away €20 free bet after your first €20 bet. You’ll get your €20 free bet even if your first bet wins or loses. New customers only. Strictly 18+. Minimum deposit €20. Place any €20 sportsbook bet at minimum odds of 2.0(evens) to receieve your free £20 bet. Your €20 free bet must be wagered twice (x2) at minimum odds of 2.0(evens) before it becomes cash. If your first €20 bet wins, you have to bet €20 again twice at min odds of 2.0(evens) or higher to turn the €20 free bet in to cash. But you do win cash on your first bet if it wins – it’s the €20 bonus that is locked until minimum wagering requirements are met.

fanteam welcome bonus

The Fanteam Welcome Bonus for the UK players dishes out £20 in free bets when you bet £20. New customers only. Strictly 18+. Minimum deposit £20. Place any £20 sportsbook bet at minimum odds of 2.0(evens) to receieve your free £20 bet. Your £20 free bet must be wagered twice (x2) at minimum odds of 2.0(evens) before it becomes cash. If your first £20 bet wins, you have to bet £20 again twice at min odds of 2.0(evens) or higher to turn the £20 free bet in to cash. But you do win cash on your first bet if it wins – it’s the £20 bonus that is locked until minimum wagering requirements are met.

There is no welcome bonus at Fanteam for fantasy sports players at the moment, which is one of the few disappointing facts about Fanteam we encountered while preparing this detailed Fanteam expert review. However, they make up for the absence of a welcome bonus by offering high prizes for the winners. For example, the current Champions League Group Stage Tournament big prize is €50,000. Besides the big tournament prizes, they offer free tickets for tournaments regularly. 

One of the most appealing bonuses at Fanteam is the refer a friend bonus. Simply generate a referral link after creating your account and then ask your friend to click on that link and open account. Once your friend deposits a minimum of €23/£20 and enters the EPL season game, you both will receive €23/£20 free entry ticket to the £1,000,000 EPL season game.

You can also earn up to £1000 in cash rewards referring friends. You’ll get £50 for 5 referrals, £100 for 10 referrals, £250 for 25 referrals, £500 for 50 referrals and £1000 for 100 referrals. If you can climb to the top on the most referrals leaderboard, you’ll get an extra Free £500 Premier league 21/22 season-long tournament high roller ticket

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money at Fanteam?

In order to deposit money to your Fanteam account, go to the cashier section of the website and click on the deposit button on the left hand side of the page. There you’ll need to choose among the popular online betting payment methods and the amount that you’d like to deposit. Once you push the deposit button, you’ll be redirected to a page where you need to enter your payment details. Confirm your payment and then your deposit will be shown in your account immediately. 

The available deposit methods at Fanteam are Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, Trustly, paysafecard, Neteller, ecoPayz and Klarna. For all payment methods, the minimum deposit amount is €10 and the maximum limit is €10,000 in one go. There is no deposit fee at Fanteam.

In order to withdraw funds from your Fanteam account, head to the cashier section and hit the withdrawal button. Choose your withdrawal method and the amount that you’d like to withdraw. Once you click on the payout button, your withdrawal request will be placed. Despite the fact that your withdrawal request is confirmed within a short time, your funds might arrive in your payment account after some time depending on your payment method. 

The available withdrawal methods at Fanteam are bank transfer, Skrill, ecoPayz, Neteller, Trustly, Visa and Mastercard. Withdrawal fees may apply based on the payment method that you use. 

Please keep in mind that the players from the UK cannot use credit cards to top up their accounts and withdraw funds due to the UKGC regulations.

How to Register at Fanteam?

Creating an account at Fanteam is quite easy and free of charge. You can simply click on the register button, fill out the registration form in a few minutes and then click on the register button. You might be asked to verify your email address and phone number. In order to make a deposit, you might need to verify your identity as well, as there is a minimum age limit. Visitors under the age of 18 cannot create an account at Fanteam. This limit is 21 for visitors from Estonia. 

Fanteam Online Bookmaker Expert Review

Fanteam Customer Support Contact Details

The easiest way to reach Fantam’s customer support is using the live chat. Alternatively, you can  send an email to [email protected]. You can also contact them via their social media accounts. 

Fanteam Online Bookmaker and DFS Site Overall Review

Before we conclude our Fanteam Online Bookmaker and DFS site expert review, we’d like to add a few more words to sum up our opinion regarding this online bookmaker and the DFS site. As we mentioned a couple of times in the review, we really like the fantasy sports tournaments offered at Fanteam. They have a satisfactory portfolio of daily fantasy sports and season-long fantasy tournaments. It is great to access both sportsbook and fantasy sections in the same account. It nihilates the need of creating another account at a sportsbook to wager bets. That is great. 

Nonetheless, it is not all rainbows and unicorns. The sportsbook section needs some improvement if they’d like to compete against the industry leaders. There are not enough sporting events and betting markets. The live betting feature doesn’t offer all the major sporting events. Moreover, there is no welcome bonus to help players kick-start their fantasy sports experience at Fanteam. Nevertheless, there is a cool Bet €20 Get €20 Welcome Bonus (Bet £20 Get £20 for UK players). 

All in all, we believe that it is a great platform for both fantasy sports lovers and the ones who enjoy both fantasy sports and sports betting. Create an account at Fanteam and check it for yourself.

Fanteam FAQs

Fantasy Premier League is a game that you can play with your friends or millions of other players for fun without spending any money. If you are looking for a real money fantasy sports gaming, then Fanteam is the place for you.

You can claim €20 in free bets as a new player. Check our Fanteam Welcome Bonus page for more information. New customers only. Strictly 18+. Minimum deposit €20. Place any €20 sportsbook bet at minimum odds of 2.0(evens) to receieve your free £20 bet. Your €20 free bet must be wagered twice (x2) at minimum odds of 2.0(evens) before it becomes cash. If your first €20 bet wins, you have to bet €20 again twice at min odds of 2.0(evens) or higher to turn the €20 free bet in to cash. But you do win cash on your first bet if it wins – it’s the €20 bonus that is locked until minimum wagering requirements are met.

No, Fanteam is not available in the USA at the moment. 

Yes, Fanteam is safe and legit. The platform is operated by a reputable eGaming company Scout Gaming Group. They hold both Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission licenses. 

Fanteam Details

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