One of the most popular football-related search queries on Google is “how to watch Champions League legally for free.” We all know where to watch UEFA Champions League games online for free. However, they are mostly illegal and full of annoying ads that pop up whether you click on the ads or not. There are legal and hassle-free ways to do it. We’ll show you how to access these football streams.

There are 2 efficient ways to watch Champions League legally for free. The first one is creating an account at one of the best live streaming bookmakers. The second one is watching Champions League games on a TV channel of another country. They both have pros and cons. Read on to learn how to watch Champions League legally for free. 

Watch Champions League Legally for Free at an Online Bookmaker

Probably the best and the most efficient way to watch Champions League legally for free is taking advantage of the streaming services of the best online bookmakers. The betting sites with live streaming function allow bettors to watch plenty of sporting events daily. Most of the streams don’t have commentators, so you are not exposed to a language that you don’t understand for 90 minutes. Streaming quality is quite good usually. Moreover, you don’t need to deal with annoying ads popping up at the worst possible time. 

One of the most appealing features of the online betting sites with live streaming feature is that you can wage live bets while watching a game. It definitely boosts the excitement of a Champions League game as you get a chance to be a part of the action. If you don’t fancy wagering a bet, it is not a problem. The live streaming bookmakers don’t require users to wager bets to be able to watch games. You only need to create a free account and verify your identity. In case you’d like to enhance the excitement of betting on a Champions League game, don’t forget to claim an online betting welcome bonus.

How to Watch Football Live Streams on a Betting Site

Simply choose one of the best live streaming bookmakers listed above. Create a free account with the bookmaker of your choice. Some bookmakers require you to verify your identity. So you may need to go through a simple identity verification process which involves uploading an ID document and a proof of address to the system. Once your account is verified, you can access all the available streams on the online betting site. 

Most online bookmakers don’t require users to top up their accounts to watch the live streams. So, depositing money to your account is totally optional. If you struggle in finding an online bookmaker which offers deposits and withdrawals in your favorite payment method, you can check our the best payment methods for online betting list. 

Watch Champions League Legally for Free on National TV 

The second popular method to watch Champions League legall for free is watching it on national TV channels. This method is particularly popular as you don’t need to create an account at an online bookmaker. You can also watch the UCL games comfortably on your smart TV accessing the live streams of national TV channels. It all sounds good, isn’t it? Nevertheless, there are some downsides of this method.

watch champions league legally for free

You can watch Champions League on your mobile as National TV websites are mobile-friendly

What are the cons of watching Champions League on national TV channels? First of all, you might need to watch it on a channel in a language which you don’t speak. If you enjoy watching Champions League games with commentary, then it may not be the best option for you unless you find a TV Channel which shows Champions League games in a language that you understand. Finding a TV channel in your language is not the problem actually. The actual struggle is finding one which has free online live streams. 

We did some research and found national TV channels where you can watch the UEFA Champions League games legally for free. Here is a list of those channels that show Champions League online: 

How to Watch Champions League on National TV with VPN

Probably the biggest disadvantage of watching Champions League on national TV online is that you need to reside in a country where that particular TV channel serves. I assume traveling to Hungary or Albania whenever there is a football game is not really feasible. Fret not! We have a solution for you. 

The best way to watch Champions League legally on National TV is using a VPN. VPN is short for Virtual Private Network which encrypts your data and bounces it through a server which is located hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. This way you can trick websites to believe that you are located in a different country. This method ensures your privacy and also unlocks certain restrictions. And it is totally legal in many parts of the world.

watch champions league legally for free

How VPN works in a nutshell (Image source: Michel Bakni, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

The most popular free VPN service provider for watching Champions League online for free is Urban VPN. You can add it to your Chrome browser (or a Chromium-based browser such as Opera and Brave) as an extension and start using it for free. You can find it on the Chrome Web Store.

Alternatively, you can purchase a premium VPN service for safe, fast and private browsing. You can connect to servers all over the world to go incognito online. Your ISP cannot reach your browsing history. The websites that you visit cannot discover your identity. So, using such services gives you total privacy. If this is the option that you opt for, we recommend you to take a look at Surfshark which has fees as little as €2.11/mo. 

All in all, both live streaming bookmakers and the national TV channels offer a higher quality uninterrupted streaming for Champions League games than the illegal live streaming websites. The most hassle-free option is the online betting sites with live streams where you can also wager bets while watching games. 

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